How to Choose Quality Eyelashes Perfect for Your Eye Shape

Eyelashes work like magic. They have an immediate effect, such as making the eyes look sexier or bigger. Nevertheless, not all types of eyelashes are suitable for everyone. It can be infuriating if you purchase the wrong pair of eyelashes. That’s why we have compiled a guide to help you choose quality eyelashes suitable for the shape of your eyes.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are amazing. They already have a dimension; therefore, the best eyelashes, in this case, should enhance the depth further. If one has round eyes, they should consider wings and wispy eyelashes like mink lashes. Nevertheless, they should avoid thick eyelashes since they can make the eyes appear smaller by overwhelming the lash line.

Hooded Eyes

They are a type of eyes that appear mysterious and sultry. Suitable eyelashes suitable for hooded eyes are the ones that can emphasize the natural shape. People with hooded eyes can also blend both short and long lashes to achieve a more natural look.

Monolid Eyes

Those with monolid eyes are open to exploring any lash style. However, we insist that they should avoid double-layers eyelashes because they can weigh down the eyelids.

Almond Eyes

Those people with almond eyes are among the luckiest beings in the universe since a variety of eyelashes can look great on them. There are no restrictions on length and depth, so they can go for what they like.

Upturned Eyes

The shape is also incredible because it is versatile hence suitable for different types of eyelashes. Those with upturned eyes can explore 3D quality eyelashes because they are classic.

Downturned Eyes

Naturally, downturned eyes are charming. Those with downturned eye shape should avoid heavy and dense eyelashes. Instead, they should go for natural-looking eyelashes, especially those that are wispy.
As you choose perfect eyelashes suitable for the shape of your eyes, avoid those that can cause allergies. Always purpose to purchase quality eyelashes such as mink lashes.