What’s the Difference between Loose Wave Hair Bundles and Natural Wave Hair Bundles?

When you get two perfect options, you are likely to be in a state of a dilemma trying to make up your mind on which human hair bundle to buy. We have realized that most customers don’t differentiate between loose wave hair bundles and natural wave hair bundles. Those that do usually go through a hard time choosing the flawless one. Our hair specialist has revealed details that can assist those who would love to shop for the two types of the hair bundle.

Natural Wave Hair Bundles

It is a type of Brazilian human hair with small bushy curls. The curls make it glamorous and neat. Additionally, they give its wearer a natural luster look. Natural wave hair bundles can be categorized in Malaysian, Indian, Peruvian, or Brazilian hair waves.

Loose Wave Hair Bundles

These kinds of hair bundles contain curls and waves that are neither too straight nor too tight. Most people love the fluffy and natural look it gives. The bundles are also manufactured with pure human hair; therefore, they do not contain split ends.



  1. The two are made of similar material.

  2. Both of them do not tangle

  3. They both have a long lifespan

  4. They do not contain harmful chemicals

  5. They don’t shed



  1. They can be styled differently

  2. Different caring procedure

Which is the Best

As noted, both loose wave hair bundles and natural wave hair bundles contain a lot of similarities. Both of them can provide a unique, beautiful wavy pattern. Additionally, both of them are fashionable and are suitable for women with different skin colors. None is better than the other. Go for the one that is decent for your lifestyle. More importantly, we believe that whichever bundles you will purchase, they will look good on you.